100 Women

Woman 6


A Prayer To watch over Me.

As I lay me down to sleep

I pray source watches over me.

The shadows on the wall

Appear to be like hands in prayer mode.

And a bird in flight

I wish to be free

But who will believe me?

Source, please watch over me.

He said it’s not abuse.

The personal verbal insults.

It’s just him justifying his fury.

What about the physical scars?

The ones you see from an angle

In the half moon, half light.

These scars run deep.

What did I do to deserve this?

Did I speak too loudly?

Could it be, because a man lingered at me?

Or  did I defy him?

All these thoughts plague me.

Dear source keep my soul right.

So once again

My inner light will ignite.


I was a caged bird afraid to sing. That was then, this is now. This poem that I wrote is to embark on what most women had to inhered to for millennium. I write this from my gender view point, not dismissing that anyone from another gender doesn’t experience domestic abuse.

 Without further ado.

What does feminism mean to moi?

It means;

 A united front of women who have something to say. Not just for one but for the collective. In some cases.

Being seen, knowing that your mere essence will bring something different to the table.

Being proud of what I can contribute for the existence of my gender. With no apologizes.

Pamela Mordecai one of my favourite poets. Wrote “Tell me” in 1942. This poem sums me up and highlights a woman right to just be.

I am pleased to be a woman in the 21stcentury, to witness all the changes taking place for us. There is still a long way to go. These steps make the impossible possible.

Acknowledgement is due here for all the women before me who had the courage, fight and foresight to take feminism to the forefront.

 Oh, I feel a song coming on. “I’m every woman” and “I’m a survivor“  also for the mass of women here.

 These debates are mainly heated. My delivery to date is not,to mask the serious of what feminism is and what It means to me. It’s a mere antidote of my existence, and freedom of expression.  

As Franky would sing “I did it, my way” . And as Freddie would sing, “the show must go on”.

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